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I failed to even choose to convey these problems up and I have lots a lot more resources to inject into this text about big selection of matters. Specially about Oghuz Turks and their behavior and lifestyle and one particular will Plainly see that Nizami did not have anything at all to perform with this particular group.

Certainly this powerful statement from the Russian scholar of Iranian research, through the name of Mikhail Kapustin in 1988 (in the time once the soviet union was opening around the globe and there was no pressure on scholars to govern actuality) wrote inside the cultural journal of Soviets: Nizami Ganjavi has become the biggest thinkers and poets of the center ages and belongs to the Outstanding heritage of Persian literature.

Mr. Doostzadeh performing as if an agent for these corporations, is parroting and spinning their propaganda tales for Western use, just as if persons don’t have eyes or ears or brains. Go and see for yourselves just what the repressive mullah routine is doing to its citizens: and . Tales have already been printed by AP, Reuters, BBC, etcetera. Contrary to what Mr. Doostzadeh alleges, repeating the Goebbels-fashion mullah routine propaganda, neither the cartoonist, nor the editor of your Formal “Iran” newspaper have been ethnic Azerbaijanis – and equally had been dismissed, Despite the fact that that is far too small, far too late.

By the way, the continuous references that just one writes within a “lousy” Persian language are A further testomony of the – Despite the fact that, if I had been over the location of your writer, I'd personally listen into the Terrible English spelling and grammar, and also mistyped Russian (e.g., “sovietkaya kultura” in place of “Sovetskaya kul’tura”) and even mistranslated Persian/Farsi (on that a little bit beneath).

The Qom problem is looked upon as demonstrated and shut (very like Holocaust, Regardless that some desire to dispute it) – that line is fake. Just because some continue to adhere on the outdated and false facts, doesn’t necessarily mean we should adhere to it, as proof is evident – that line is not really current in more mature manuscripts. If among the modern scholars Meisami wasn't mindful of it or mechanically place outdated information and facts in her 1995 e book, that’s not grounds for stating that Nizami could nevertheless be from Qom. Allow us to not ignore that Meisami herself is Iranian.

And btw what counts is exactly what The latest sources say. If a person Armenian scholar in 1950 explained anything (and this I have never found evidence), tens of Armenian scholars are stating the alternative now. Specially Together with the split up of soviets.

ten) My info is described by all Western scholars. Kurdish mom. Father unidentified. There is totally nothing at all to suggest that his father was Turkish and I might make many arguments A lot more robust than Mr. Baguirovs (all of whose arguments were being rejected), that his father was Iranian and many were being presently manufactured. Certainly the the situations he belittles Turks are extremely severe and no Turkic poet would compose these verses (He did compose them) about their very own race. I'd point out that he is culturally linked to both Azarbaijan and Iran in addition to Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kurds.

Nizami lived in Seljuk empire, in the Azerbaijani Atabek state – a Turkic-dominated and Turkic-dominated, particularly in his town, condition, although Iran did not exist and was break up into a number of states, including Turkic-ruled – and almost all of it under the area of Seljuks and various Turkic folks. As our website a result, Nizami though staying a Persian-language poet and contributing to Persian poetry and staying one of the greatest these types of consultant, was neither Persian nor Iranian.

According to Afagh, she was a slave Woman despatched to Nizami for a present. And he or she quickly might have discovered Persian, Kurdish.. (you do not require instruction to know to converse in quite a few languages. Over time it develops. Furthermore Nizami experienced not less than two other wives).

eleven) Mr. Baguirov calls me an ethnic Persian While I didn't say just about anything about my ethnicity. I'll let him be puzzled. Also I'm not Armenian possibly.

In truth if essential I will from my own will, but for your sake of reality, deliver lots of numerous quotes from Persian and Arabic poets and writers concerning the barbarism of Oghuz Turks at some time. So allows not phone him an Oghuz Turk when scholars haven't claimed this kind of thing during the West and outdoors from the Stalinstic period USSR (which no one can oppose Stalin). To convey he was an Oghuz Turk (which modern day Azarbaijanis from the republic identification themselves as), is Traditionally inaccurate and isn't supported by Western Students and lots of Students in the USSR.

The creator also has misquoted several of the verses of Nizami with site genuinely poor Persian (and one of these did not exist) Even though the situation of Nizamis ethnicity has long been settled by scholars. Kurdish mother, and father of Possibly from Qom. This really is what Nizami Students have said and there is completely practically nothing else from his poetry to get more info.

هرکسی پیش او زمین می‌رفت در خور فتح آفرین می‌گفت پهلوی خوان پارسی فرهنگ پهلوی خواند بر نوازش چنگ شاعران عرب چو در خوشاب شعر خواندند بر نشید رباب شاه فرهنگ دان شعر شناس بیش از آن دادشان که بود قیاس

Mr. Doostzadeh’s then goes on to the two deny that Mihin-Banu and Shirin were being Arran’s queen and princess who lived in Mughan and Arran (historic regions of Azerbaijan, along with Shirvan and others) especially in the Wintertime months, mistaking them, intentionally, for Armenians, based on his intentional misunderstanding of a few estimates and deliberate ignorance of Other people. He also ignores that one other heroine of Nizami, Nushaba from Iskander-nameh, was also a Barda queen.

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